Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My first year is over

Aaah I can't wait for Oxford this summer. I really need some sort of duffle bag this time for traveling. It'd be helpful to have the extra space for more things.
I don't know If I should take these Hunter boots though, does it rain as much in the summer as it does during the fall? I need to find that out. I only know how shitty the weather is in the fall but in the summer it's apparently really hot? I don't want it to be just an extra thing to carry if it's not even going to rain as much as I thought it would.

Yesterday's Gossip Girl was insane. I didn't think I'd ever take a liking to this kind of show but I'm so hooked.


lol at my face I didn't realize it'd be like that in the picture
it's looking constipated.